The MOTION is a new wing suit that  maximizes maneuverability, glide ratio, and speed, delivering maximum lift and power while flying on back or belly.

The flight

As with the Hawk, the MOTION is fast and agile in both skydiving and BASE environments.

Thanks to a wider surface area the MOTION also delivers a higher glide ratio on both belly and back flight.

Despite its extra surface on leg and arm wings, the MOTION is extremely maneuverable. It provides lift and power while flying on back or belly, to allow dynamic acrobatics with a minimized loss of altitude. It’s also very stable in all angles of flight.

The Design

The high glide and maneuverability of the MOTION was achieved by building upon the HAWK platform.  We increased the surface area of

Arm wings inflation options

As to address all demands, we propose the MOTION with 2 different arm wing inflation systems

Intermediate and expert level pilots will enjoy the arm wing pressurization they need according to their style of flight: with lots of acrobatics and transitions, or more cruising and flocking.


Arm zip release
5.10 soles
Easy Dezip