The new CRUISE+

is now available! We have built upon the original CRUISE design to make a new tracking tool way more efficient and way easier to fly.

Our first goal was to address the users demand in making the CRUISE easier to play with, without too much change on the overall design, considering that the CRUISE original design delivers so much performance already.  But we also seized the opportunity to make it more efficient in terms of speed and glide ratio.

With those ideas in mind, we have worked on various types of inner cells, that turns the CRUISE flight into something much easier and way more performant. We have ended-up with an inner cell that both contains the right volume of air for a higher glide ratio, and significantly flattens the profile for much more speed.

But more importantly this internal cell squeezes the pilot body from the ankles to wrists, providing an unmatched flight control and making the new CRUISE+ so easy to play.

Furthermore an enlarged pressurized volume on the lower leg gives the CRUISE+ a natural steeper trim.

And with or without booties, the CRUISE+ delivers much more performance.

The power of the CRUISE+ is accessible to all. The performance achieved so far by guys such as Vincent Cotte and René Terstegen with their original CRUISE can now be reached by many more trackers.

The CRUISE+ is a one-piece tracksuit, with reinforced front and back air inlets, that allow an accelerated pressurization on both belly and back flying. The original one-piece design guarantees an unique flight performance. The CRUISE+ can be flown without or with booties for more power.


The CRUISE+ is unquestionably way easier to handle than the original CRUISE, but due to its wide shape it remains a confirmed-level tracking suit. It requires training and currency to achieve full performance! An adequate training in the skydiving environment will reward trackers with groundbreaking tracking performance.


Outside Smartphone Pocket
Belly Zipper


Removable and adjustable booties with 5.10 soles