S-Fly BANDIT : The big free style machine

The S-Fly BANDIT has been designed based on requests by Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet, who asked for a Skydive/BASE wing suit as powerful and as maneuverable as possible, delivering a significant action range, and with its own french touch (of course).

The Skydive test flights have  been extremely positive: the BANDIT showing control in every flight angle and allowing all moves at any speed. Furthermore we have been surprised by how reactive the  BANDIT is: so easy to switch from belly to back or to dive down to full head down position and to flatten back right after.

The BASE test flights have show very fast starts, fully in line with the BANDIT surface and profile.

Fred Vince exit

We have also built the BANDIT upon some key features of the S-Fly RIDGE:

Also we have integrated the necessary back flight tools:

A new feature is the Mylar strip on arm wing top skin. It allows to  improve the air flow behind the leading edge by reducing the ballooning in “flat arm” / max glide flying position.

We have designed this Mylar strip to be sewn in a very specific way

IMG_5549 - copie

IMG_5534 - copie

Furthermore the BANDIT includes all the necessary options as standard features