After ten years with Fly Your Body, Cathy et Loïc Jean-Albert handed us the torch and we continue the adventure of S-Fly wingsuits and Snekor container. We took this opportunity and created the company S-Fly Equipment. Through combining our personal and professional strengths the new S-Fly Equipment team has done a thorough overhaul of the company and all the equipment we offer. S-Fly Equipment is combining the old school knowledge and history of quality with new school innovations and performance.


Our goal is to continue to push the performance and safety of human flight. The S-Fly Equipment team is passionate and regularly practices all aspects of human flight – with a special focus on wingsuits and BASE jumping. Currently we are revamping the product line to focus more on BASE jumping and paralpinism. We will be offering wingsuits that fit precisely with the wants and needs of the BASE jumping community : from our newly released freestyle wingsuit “the HAWK”, to racing suits, to suits designed for short starts and long glides in the high mountains. With our Snekor container we have continued to develop its safety, low volume, and all while reducing weight.


Innovation has always been the cornerstone of our brand. The monowing S-Fly Expert, the “chest toggles” on the Snekor BASE which has always been the quickest and fastest way to access your toggles while wingsuit base jumping, and the the Core as the first integrated wingsuit and container system. We are continuing this tradition and looking forward to sharing our new innovations that are currently in the testing phase.

A great deal of time and effort has been invested in optimising the profile of our wingsuits, creating a quick and easy pull, and facilitating a comfortable reach for the risers after your deployment sequence. We also focused a great deal on perfecting the closing system of the Snekor, which we believe, is extremely safe.