New colors

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The new free style wing suit


The mountain wing suit

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New colors

New colors of fabric / thread / zipper are now available on all S-Fly suits Discover the new color programs on the product pages  

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The new S-Fly BANDIT will arrive within a few days. Skydive tests done by Fred and Vince have been extremely positive: very agile, super stable, really easy on the back… The BANDIT also features the same sleeve and the same cups as the RIDGE. The pull is ultra clean, with an immediate high risers reach-up.  And BASE […]

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The new free style wing suit

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New tracking performance

JD 17

The Ultra Light Rig

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Fred Fugen

Fred Fugen

Soul Flyers

The new RIDGE has so much power and precision. Also the lift is incredible. Now training in Dubaï, I can't wait to fly it in the Alps this summer.

François Gouy

François Gouy

Alpine Guide

The new RIDGE offers the shortest starts ever. It allowed me to open many new exits in High Mountain last summer. I could never have opened an exit such as the mythical Ceüse without it.

Vincent Cotte

Vincent Cotte

Vercors local

I'm so stocked with the CRUISE+. It's way more powerful, and I feel so much more control.

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